Indie Made

Putting a new spin on timeless methods of making things by hand. Our intentions are simple: bring the world of indie arts & crafts to the average big-box shopper. Show them something they?ll never ever see in the big stores. Something crafted with the head, the heart and the hand. Support your indie artists and buy handmade!

Indie Made Boutique is a collectively run community of local artisans. Members sell their handmade goods in a retail space in downtown Boise, and together share responsibility for the care, maintenance and success of the boutique.

Indie Made houses work from artisans who create original, quality, handcrafted goods. Members include those who make jewelery, knitted and crocheted goods, baby goods, aprons, hair accessories, bath & body products, recycled and upcycled items, & tons of other fun stuff! Interested artists are encouraged to come down to the boutique and see for yourself.

106 North 6th Street, Boise, ID 83702, USA

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