Shine Yoga Collective

Our Vision:
Authentic Yoga, Authentic Yogis.

Our Mission:
Fostering “yogiprenuership”, mindfulness, and a community of strong bodies.

We foster the “yogiprenuership” of our teachers by paying them a living wage (rather than the standard $20/class) so one day they can open their own studio! As Shine Yoga Collective becomes successful, so do our teachers. This process encourages our teachers to continuously evolve and improve their classes, which means our students, YOU, get the latest and greatest.

Our teachers are warm, caring, and devoted to helping you reach your goals, not ours. We interview our teachers, take their classes, and discuss their teaching philosophies and goals prior to accepting their membership in the collective. Our community benefits by having a lot more healthy, smiling people who can feel good knowing their getting the best teachers, all while helping their teacher achieve a personal goal! That’s a lot of love and positivity being spread around Boise!

2475 S Apple St #104, Boise, ID 83706, USA

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