Studio Boise, LLC

Studio Boise is a residential design group that started with this idea. It was an idea inspired by Boise: an idea about how Boise really lives. How we live with bikes, parks, and rafts for floating the river. How we want a crisp, clean living room but will always have the kids? toys littering the floor. It was an idea about the start up families recently out of college and the historic home renovators, the North End houses turned into multiple apartments, and the in-law quarters built up in the backyard. Our idea was to start designing the Boise community we love for how Boise residents really live. At Studio Boise, we design the home you want to live in and incorporate the function that matches how you live. Whether that means a kitchen renovation, adding more functional storage, or designing a new home from the foundation up, we design for you. An d we love your style be it country French, Tuscan, craftsman, or an eclectic blend of your own making, we will bring it to life and fit it to how you really live. Studio Boise is a residential design firm about you, about Boise, and about how you truly live.

1019 North 16th Street, Boise, ID 83702, USA

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