Welcome to the new Think Boise First

Hey, hey, Boise —

I’m writing this on an amazing autumn day here in B-town, thinking there’s no better weather on the planet than fall season here in Boise.

And by the way, welcome to the new Think Boise First website.

We’ve been spreading the local love in Boise and Garden City since 2008, and this is probably the third or fourth iteration of the Think Boise First website. We’ve redesigned this latest version, nothing revolutionary, but more on the side of evolutionary, to make it both easier to use and feature a new blog with stories and images about the people, places and independent businesses that make Boise so cool.

Think Boise First keeps the spirit of independent Boise alive, promoting a network of several hundred independent businesses and raising awareness for the value they bring to the fabric of our community. Just think about what makes Boise so unique and the one-of-a-kind businesses and organizations, run by our friends and neighbors, are at the top of the list.

What would Boise be like without a longtime icon like The Record Exchange, which you can read about in a new piece by Kevin Winslow here on our blog?

Keeping it in a musical vein, what would Boise be like without Treefort Music Fest, our beloved, bootstrapped community volunteer endeavor that has introduced us to great new bands and introduced the world to Boise in a completely different light, bringing a sense of new pride into our city? (Go ahead and give it up for Treefort right now; you can buy tickets to the 2016 festival, which are on sale now, by clicking here.)

So “get it local,” and shop in Boise this upcoming holiday season – and throughout the year. It’s a great way for you to use your unique power to build our local economy, keeping dollars circulating at home and minimizing environmental impact.  (You can find a handy-dandy locator of Think Boise First member businesses on our website <insert link here>. And you can learn more about why shopping local matters <insert link here>.)

Of course our love of place goes beyond business. What about the remarkable places that can only be found in Boise? The Anne Frank Human Rights Center, Hull’s Gulch, Boise Contemporary Theater, the blue turf, the Greenbelt, the … go ahead and riff for yourself, there’s plenty of places that are one and only Boise.

And of course, the people, a lot of memorable characters, local icons, and heroes – friendly and open and welcoming – who call Boise home.

Speaking of which, have you ever come across a place that’s friendlier than Boise? We didn’t think so. Walk down a sidewalk here and say hello and you get a howdy right back, not the averted glance you often receive in other cities.

Think Boise First is now a labor of love for us at Oliver Russell, where we combine our work building brands for purpose-driven companies with promoting living local and this place we love. We do this on a volunteer basis and it aligns well with our values as Idaho’s first public benefit corporation and a certified B Corporation as well.

We think you’ve got a big role to play in Boise’s independent story, and we’d like to help you tell it. If you’re interested in being a guest contributor, email us your story ideas or send a cool photo  to <insert email address here> – we’d like this to be a community thing.

If you’re socially minded, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’d like to be notified of news, stories, and special offers from local merchants, you can sign up for our email newsletter.

So what do you say?  Are you ready to Think Boise First?  C’mon, then, let’s get it local.