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Top three reasons to join Think Boise First:

  1. Visibility to the community, letting all of us know that you’re a locally owned, independently run business that is supporting the “Think Boise First” message. This includes a listing in our business directory.
  2. The authorized use of the Think Boise First brand in your store and marketing materials. The Think Boise First logo has become the icon for local in Boise and Garden City and the rights to use the brand are reserved for active Think Boise First members.
  3. Group branding, promotion and advertising to elevate the collective profile of our community-based businesses to level the playing field for local with chains and corporate businesses.

Membership criteria

(Applicants must answer “yes” to the following questions to qualify as a member business of Think Boise First):

Locally Owned

  • Does your business have a location in Boise or Garden City?
  • Is your business privately held?
  • Is this business registered in Idaho with no corporate or national headquarters outside of Idaho?
  • Do the business owners, totaling 50% or more of the business ownership, live in Idaho?
  • Independent
  • Can your business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of your business?
  • Can your business make independent decisions regarding all business purchasing, practices, and distribution?
  • Do you pay all of your own marketing fees, rent, and other business expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters?

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Think Boise First Membership Application

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  • The neighborhood where the business is located ie. Northend, Southeast, etc.